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Confidently navigate the world around YOU

Save Space

Avoid device storage issues and enjoy content from multiple communities via our hyperlocal guides or marketplace.

Save Time

Find what you are looking for faster as our team verifies & updates content from communities on daily basis.

Save Money

Never miss another great deal or life changing opportunity when you join our community for personalized alerts


82% of the over one billion websites on the internet today have unreliable local content.

Our team wants to ensure consumers around the world who utilize their smartphones to figure out places to go, things to do or even products and services they want to buy - can do so safely!


Online Shopping


Travel Services

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  • Reach and Retain Customers
  • Target Specific Audiences
  • Promotional Marketing Insights
  • Customized Campaign Budgets
  • LocaL Support 24/7





  • Verified Community Profile
  • Get User Reviews and Ratings
  • Increased Global Presence
  • Featured in Premium Categories
  • LocaL Support 24/7


Still curious about our hyperlocal community guides or marketplace?

The LocaL App is a SUPER mobile companion which is comprised of a curated network of hyperlocal apps that helps businesses to improve their digital presence, payments and promotions in vibrant communities both online and around the world.

CIRCLE is a GPS enabled marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, rent or trade with other users in The LocaL App community. Simply search for a product or service and receive a list of available vendors, locations and prices where they are available whether online or in a nearby community.